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Meet the Editorial Team Behind Sakalerbarta.com

At the heart of every reputable news website lies a dedicated and skilled editorial team committed to delivering accurate, timely, and insightful news coverage. Sakalerbarta.com a leading source of information, is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at the talented individuals who form the backbone of the editorial team, ensuring that readers are well-informed and engaged.

Founder & Managing Director :

Probir Biswas
Email- probirbiswas01@gmail.com

The diverse range of news categories on Sakalerbarta.com is overseen by a team of experienced section editors, each specializing in a particular domain. These dedicated individuals include:

  • Taj Mira is Scholarships & Internships News Editor
  • Sunita Mallick is Business News Editor
  • Soham Roy is Science and Technology News Editor
  • Anup Sannyasi is Education News News Editor
  • Sujoy Dey is Govt Scheme News News Editor

Photojournalists and Visual Content Creators

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Sakalerbarta.com recognizes the power of visuals in storytelling. The photojournalists and visual content creators work tirelessly to provide readers with captivating images and multimedia elements that complement the news articles.


Behind the scenes at Sakalerbarta.com, the editorial team is a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality journalism. Through their collective efforts, they shape the narrative, inform the public, and contribute to the website’s mission of providing credible and compelling news coverage.